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Karri Haen Whitmer

Dr. Karri Haen Whitmer, headshotTeaching Professor
Department of Genetics, Development, and Cell Biology


Innovation Project Title: From Body-Powered to Myoelectric - Modifying the Phoenix Hand with Adaptable Electronics

3D printing has been applied in the development of customized devices for a wide range of biomedical applications including prosthetics. In this project, students developed a fully adaptable electronics kit that can modify the eNABLE Phoenix v2.0 3D printed hand prototype into a functional myoelectric hand. Converting the body-powered Phoenix hand into a myoelectrics device that grasps in response to electromyographic (EMG) signals increases the utility and dexterity of the original prototype. Advantages of adding myoelectric capabilities include a more intuitive and natural user interface, reduced fatigue for users with limited strength, and added customizability.