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Farm-to-Fork Final Report - May 2021

Content Author:
Dave Krog Kevin Kimle

This semester’s domestic travel course was project-based, the Farm to Fork Project. Twelve students explored the frontiers of entrepreneurial opportunity for direct-to-consumer agricultural businesses. They met a range of agri-food entrepreneurs and went through a multi-faceted process of opportunity analysis. This document is their written summary of what they learned, observed and concluded.

Conducting a travel course during a pandemic was interesting for any number of reasons. We are deeply appreciative of the entrepreneurs who were willing to host us during our trip through Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas in January. We are also thankful for the many guests who shared their stories and ideas with us either on campus or via Zoom over the course of the semester. 

The students were able to see the impact of pandemic-induced consumer buying changes. They also gained perspective that much of what has changed in 2020 and 2021 is only accelerating trends that will shape a very different future in agriculture and the food industry. And these students will, over the course of their careers, enable that future.

Thank you most of all to the twelve Iowa State University students who engaged over the course of the semester.

Kevin Kimle 
Rastetter Chair of Agricultural Entrepreneurship   

Dave Krog

Farm to Fork Report - Iowa State University May 2021 (pdf)

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