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Business Beyond Borders Program

Entrepreneurial transformation often requires a spark. Let Business Beyond Borders immerse you in a transformational learning and networking experience that will develop your entrepreneurial mindset and enrich your life. Our most recent program, featured below, was developed in partnership with AgroBravo in Brazil.

Cohort 1 watching the lettuce harvest in California Cohort at Climate CorpCohort 1 visiting Apple

(L to R: Cohort 1 at Apple, Cohort 1 watching the lettuce harvest in California, Cohort 1 at Climate Corp) 

Brazil Succession Program

Launched in 2017, the Brazil Succession Program caters to current and next-generation leaders of farms and agribusinesses looking for entrepreneurial strategies to shape the future. We support Brazilian businessmen and women as they develop business leadership and entrepreneurial mindset skills while also developing deep and lasting relationships between agricultural stakeholders in the U.S. and those in Brazil. 

Presentations, group discussions, and industry speakers explore critical issues related to the future of agriculture and its implications for you and your farm or business. Past speakers have included Bruce Rastetter of Summit Agricultural Group, Harry Stine of Stine Seeds, and Dave Miller of Decision Innovation Solutions.  

The three stages of the program will include (1) Introduction to Business Succession, (2) Entrepreneurial Behavior, and (3) Entrepreneurial Strategy. 

Program PhaseDescription
Phase I:  Introduction to Business SuccessionIdentify and examine business succession issues and challenges.  Expose the students to a wide range of topics and issues important in running their business. 
Phase II:  Entrepreneurial Thinking and BehaviorsExplore entrepreneurial thinking and behaviors.  Assess personal strengths and weaknesses and develop an articulated means of improving high-impact behaviors.
Phase III:  Entrepreneurial StrategyDevelop an understanding of how organizations develop and maintain an entrepreneurial culture.  Explore and develop strategies for implementing entrepreneurial projects within student’s businesses.

The approach for the program is to provide balance in terms of class time, interactions with key people and businesses, and informal networking opportunities.  Class time will focus on important topics presented by knowledgeable speakers.  Field trips will be scheduled so students can meet and interact with key people in U.S. agriculture.  Social time will also be scheduled where students can interact among themselves as well as with invited guests.   


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Your attendance will help shape the future of agriculture and allow you to discover new ways to build your entrepreneurship skill set!