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Internship Opportunities

Farm Story Meats 

Job Description: Farm Story Meats is one of the fastest-growing small businesses in the area. With our farm-to-fork business model, we are looking for a self-motivated, hardworking, and high-energy individual to work self-sufficiently at carrying out weekly tasks and managing customer interactions. The position will run weekend Farmer’s Markets in central Iowa and assist with other operations associated with the business. 

Applications: Apply in the form of a video resume and send it to Ray Schmidt

A video resume should include the following:

  • An introduction of yourself, your educational background, and work experience
  • How your experience relates to this position
  • Why you would like to work for Farm Story Meats
  • Why you would be a good fit for Farm Story Meats in this role
  • No minimum or maximum time constraints
  • You will NOT be judged on the quality of the video, only on your answers to the questions (No need to do anything fancy)

Contact Emma Ehlers for the full job description.

Global Ag Network

Job Description: Global Ag Network is seeking out a part-time content creator to assist in day-to-day activities to support the network. This role can be filled either part-time, as an internship, or for class credit. This remote will typically require ~20 hours/week with somewhat flexible hours and is fully remote. 

View full Global Ag Network job description.

Email resume to Delaney, Ag News Daily

Have your own idea to build a dream internship?

Contact Marcie Fahn:

See first-hand what it takes to be an entrepreneur through a summer or semester internship. You'll work side-by-side with executives and entrepreneurs, learning from them and contributing to their business. You'll be exposed to opportunities and obstacles faced by entrepreneurial companies as they grow and adapt. Summer internships are 12-weeks of full-time work, on-location. Semester internships may be individual or team-based and are located on-campus. Phone: (515) 294-4945

If you are interested in internship opportunities, please send an email to Marcie Fahn at Be sure to include an updated resume, any requested support materials (as described in the internship position description), and stating which internship(s) you are interested in applying for.

     “I got to experience first-hand different aspects of creating a startup farm, from weeding to deliveries. From planting to harvesting to deliveries, I was humbled by the whole experience.” Rachel Wilkens, '18 agricultural business

“My eyes have been opened up to a completely different side of agriculture. All of my life I have been surrounded by corn and soybeans, so growing vegetable crops has been foreign to me until this summer.” Alex Hage, '16 agricultural business