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Semester, Inc. Internship Program


“The students in the Start Something College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) Semester, Inc. program brought fresh ideas and were able to bring real value to our organization. We empowered them to participate and have a voice in our startup team, while also encouraging them to own projects, deliverables and share feedback during team meetings.”

~  Casey Niemann, AgriSync 

Work with student talent to complete your project

The Semester, Inc. Internship program is offered in collaboration with businesses and allows students to take part in an entrepreneurial project during the course of the academic year. The program offers students the opportunity to work with participating companies on an innovation project in product, business, or market development. Small teams of students work for one semester researching markets, developing product plans, conducting feasibility studies, and other necessary tasks to help a firm reach their product, marketing, and business development goals. Each group of interns is structured as an entrepreneurial team, accountable to both Start Something CALS staff and the participating businesses. The projects are typically structured for 12 weeks, with students working 10 to 15 hours per week for the duration of the project. 

Past projects have included the development of a feasibility study on a potential new fertilizer business, the creation of a business plan for a $3.5 million feed business opportunity, and a logistics assessment for an agricultural input business.


"The Start Something CALS Semester, Inc. program is an exceptional program. Working with the staff and students has been a highlight in our business venture."

~ Jolene Pisel, Jokirs Wild Beef