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Javier Payne

Javier Payne, junior in agricultural business, hails from Saint Louis, Missouri. Although he lived his whole life in the suburbs, he stayed in touch with the outdoors by hunting, fishing, skiing, and traveling. His interest in agriculture was first sparked at a young age, when he began raising chickens and taking care of horses. A fun fact about Payne is that his mother was born in Cuba. 

Payne traded the suburbs of Saint Louis for the corn fields of Iowa when he made the decision to attend Iowa State University. "The amazing agricultural business program is what drew me to Iowa State University. Ever since I toured the University, I fell in love with the campus and its natural beauty," he relates. 

Last fall, Payne got involved with Start Something College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) working as a Semester, Inc. intern for ClearFlame Engine Technologies, based out of Chicago, Illinois. "I decided to join Start Something CALS because it was a great opportunity for me to gain internship experience. I also felt it was important to learn abut how startup companies work" he explains. As a Business Development Intern, Payne researched different aspects of the supply chain in anticipation of the release of a new technology for ClearFlame Engine Technologies. He also created a business model for the company and the new technology. 

His favorite memory was the first phone meeting he had with ClearFlame Engine Technologies' CEO, Dr. BJ Johnson. "I was a little nervous at first, but after we started talking, I knew I was going to have a lot of fun learning from and working for BJ," comments Payne. 

Looking towards the future, Payne is excited to announce that he accepted an internship offer from New Fashion Pork as their Production Intern for Summer 2020. 

After graduation, Payne is considering multiple career paths. "One option I'm considering is to create my own real estate rental business. Another option would be to pursue my interest in pork/livestock production," he explains. 

We wish Payne the best of luck on the rest of the semester and look forward to watching him excel no matter which career path he chooses!