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Justin Wright

Justin Wright, a senior in Justin Wrightagricultural engineering, grew up in Keokuk, Iowa. Growing up, Wright knew he wanted to obtain a degree in agriculture and engineering, so Iowa State University was the logical choice. While at ISU, he has participated in the Entrepreneurial Product Development Engineering (EPDE) club, intramural sports, and was a member of the 2019 CYstarters cohort.

Start Something College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) has also played a role in Wright's time as a student. "I decided to get involved with Start Something CALS because I had heard from past students that it was a great place to stay accountable, network, and work on my business," he explains. "I really enjoy when guest speakers come in and talk. It is fun to listen to someone who has a lot of experience and expertise in the topic they're talking about," Wright elaborates. 

Wright is currently a member of the Student Incubator, where he is working on developing his business, WashWright. "I'm developing an overhead track and trolley system with computer controlled robotic spray to automate the process of power washing swine facilities," comments Wright. 

He is currently in the early stages of building a business plan and working on the prototyping process. "I plan to have a full-scale prototype by the end of the year. I will continue to talk to customers and visit potential customers' farms to see how they run their operations while working to get my prototype to a production model," he explains. 

After graduation, Wright plans to continue working on WashWright and grow the business. During his time at ISU, he has also completed two other internship experiences, spending 10 weeks on a dairy farm in Eastern Germany and working at Kinze Manufacturing for an 8-month co-op. 

We look forward to watching Wright succeed as he continues to build and grow WashWright!