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Trey Boyle

Trey BoyleTrey Boyle, junior in agricultural business from Manning, Iowa, has always been a farm kid at heart. During his freshman year of high school, he received a scholarship from the Shelby County Cattleman's to purchase five bred heifers. With the help of his dad, he has grown this small herd to nearly 40 cow/calf pairs today. Boyle's passion for agriculture was also strengthened through his involvement in FFA and while helping out with his uncle's farming operation. 

Attending Iowa State is a family affair. Boyle's entire immediate family graduated from Iowa State, along with sixteen first cousins. Boyle grew up attending Iowa State football and basketball games and visiting his sisters in Ames, which led to his love for Ames and the University. "These visits and the fact that Iowa State has one of the best agricultural programs in the country are why I chose to come here," he explains. Boyle has stayed busy in Ames, joining Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity, serving on the Homecoming Central Committee, and promoting Iowa State as a College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Ambassador. 

Boyle also became involved with Start Something College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) this year, enrolling in ECON 334, Entrepreneurship in Agriculture. "I had heard from past students that this was a great class, and I felt that I would learn some real-world skills that would help me be successful in any career path I chose," he comments. Boyle's business idea for the class, Wind Escape, is a wind turbine recycling company that takes worn fiberglass blades and recycles them into insulation. "The wind turbine industry is facing a huge problem of getting rid of these turbine blades, most of which are currently getting dumped into landfills. This business would help solve the problem in order to clean up landfills," Boyle elaborates. 

His favorite part of the class has been the connections formed with fellow students. "I have really enjoyed getting to know the other students and their ideas. I have also really enjoyed getting to learn from guest speakers," comments Boyle.

Outside of school, Boyle has worked as a crop consultant for Nielsen Agronomics in Minnesota and as an ag lending intern at BankIowa in Independence, Iowa. After graduation, he plans to enter the ag finance industry. 

We wish him all the best of luck on wherever his future path takes him!